Outside Plant (OSP)

  • Planning & Forecasting
  • Fielding & Drafting
  • Conduit Layout

Inside Plant (ISP)

  • Site Survey & Acquisition
  • Equipment Design
  • Engineer / Furnish / Install

Broadband Expansion 

  • New Fiber Deployment
  • Fiber Overlay
  • Wireless & Wireline
  • Program Project Management

Aerial Plant Management

  • Field Inspection
  • Pole Loading & Joint Use Coordination
  • Pole Restoration & Replacement

Telecom Engineering Solutions

  • Asset Management
  • Inventories & Record Maintenance 
  • Turnkey RUS Solutions


Site & ROW Acquisitions

Site and right of way (ROW) acquisitions must be done according to state and federal guidelines. Acquisitions can take significant time and effort, and require a highly-experienced vendor.

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Recent News

SQUAN Acquires Osmose Communications Services

March 8, 2016

SQUAN, a leading infrastructure service provider, announces its acquisition of Osmose Communication Services (OCS)